Copyright Law is the foundation of all economic activity within the cultural and creative industry as a whole. Cultural goods are made use of by radio and TV broadcast stations, the music and film industry, publishing and advertising industries, the artists themselves and, last but not least, event organisers and agencies.

Pictures, texts, works of art and music enrich and distinguish an event. Events often times depend upon unique artistic images which, printed on posters or brochures, will appeal to visitors. Before and during the event dedicated artists, photographers, sound and image engineers and many other creative contributors are bringing in their services and works; Some on stage, visible to everyone, others hidden in the background. To be included in this circle of producers of cultural goods are the event organisers who, through their organisational and commercial activity, are responsible for the artistic performance in its entirety.

Copyright Law (UrhG) grants respective rights to those adding value and providing specific artistic, enterpreneurial or other cultural services.