Laws on Competition

Nowadays one may encounter economic competion in nearly all areas of life – therefore also in culture, arts and sports. Competition is a selection process in customer acquisition and is continuously intensifying due to the extensive employment of creativity and innovation, only meeting its limit in the Laws on Competition.

To ensure fair competition there are laws against unfair competition (UWG) and laws against restraints on competition (GWB). We gladly consult in both fields and lay out the respective legal practices, which may differ depending on the judicial circuit, as well as the peculiarities of the so called “flying” place of jurisdiction.

The laws agains unfair competition state numerous examples of unfair practices. An overlap with media, trademark and copyright regulations may also arise. It is for example considered unfair to diminish a cometitor’s trademarks, goods or services or to disparage the personal or business relationships of a competitor. Unfair is also to disseminate alleged facts about a competitor’s company, goods or services which could potentially damage the business or its credibility, provided that such claims are not substantiated.