Press Law

We consult extensively in the field of Press Law. Our clientele encompasses not only the classical representatives of the art, music and culture industry but also many high profile and prominent individuals. Press laws are part of Media Law. Media Law adresses the legal regulations pertaining to individual and mass information and communication.

Due to the internet it is no longer strictly production companies, print journalists and publishers who are confronted with the requirements of Press Law but also increasingly freelancers and private individuals. Not only the creators of blogs and podcasts are subjected to the duties of journalistic care but rather everyone who engages in public media and proclaims opinions or facts.

The law firm cooperative EVENTLawyers helps with the utilisation of rights within the new forms of media and with the defence in case of unwarranted media law related claims. In the field of media marketing for events we at EVENTLawyers can rely on extensive experience, in particular with regards to event marketing, the protection of personal rights of prominent public figures and all matters of brief reporting.