Trademark Law, Design Law & Patent Law

Goal-oriented actions and the strategic placement and focussing of trademarks are not incidental. Every trademark is designed and conversely designs evolve to trademarks through creative marketing measures.

Our law firm cooperative  EVENTLawyers handles the worldwide registration of trademarks as well as the defence in disputes against already acquired trademarks of our clients. It is an integral part of our consultation to analyse the success aimed for with establishing the trademark and to work out the most protective and at the same time economically beneficial registration. Before registering a trademark – and also in order to sustain acquired trademarks – it is indispensible to conduct research on existing trademark placementsand registrations; A responsibility which EVENTLawyers will glady take on for you.

We consult, guide and represent all of our clients – from small and medium businesses to large creative enterprises as well as business founders – comprehensively in all matters of trademark law. Artists who wish to protect their artistic name or event organisors who would like to be informed about protecting the work title of their event name will receive a competent consultation.